Eunomia configuration sync tool

I use bspwm, polybar and sxhkd for all of my Arch Linux desktop environments. They are all configured with simple text files. I want to try out WebRTC in Go, so I figured it would be nice to hack toghter something that keep those files synced between the different environments.

Tiny epub reader

Using Arduino, a small OLED screen and something similar to an old volume control wheel (but infinite) to create a super small ebook reader.

Onyktert 4.0

Rewrite and update libraries. Much has happened in the world of Flutter since 2018, and a better architecture would make it easier to continue development. Onyktert can be found at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Isa’s Portfolio

My SO have just started studying Graphic Design at Malmo University and wanted to have a portfolio where she could collect her works. It’s WiP but coming along nicely, check it out..

RRSS news reader

I have wanted an RSS reader to keep track of things like the Pine64 blog, the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard blog and such. Basically slow feeds that updates perhaps once a month or so.

urlwatcher and sendmail would be a quick alternative, but I am not sure I would like more mail. I try to keep those at a minimum.